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version (17.7 KB) by Peter Wasmeier
Fit polygon hull to a data set better than convhull would do.

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Updated 15 Nov 2004

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When interpolating on a given data set, convhull is used to set the boundaries of the interpolation area. Because convhull only minimizes the outline length, there might be interpolation lines which are unwanted (see figure).

hullfit tries to minimze the polygon area instead resulting in a hull line fitting sharper to the given data.

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Nacho (view profile)

Christine A.

Jon Barron

Hey, great script. I found a small bug though, which I was able to fix by changing the two "find" calls from "find(X)" to "find(X, 1, 'first')". Otherwise errors get thrown or results are poor for certain images.

Joachim Schnellbächer


David Müller



Flo Pap

Perfect - much better than convhull.

chris roman

good, seems to work as advertised.

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