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Lithium ion PI model

version (397 KB) by Fiodar

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The power-based integrated (PI) lithium-ion battery model for simulation.


Updated 26 Jun 2018

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This model can be calibrated for any Li-ion battery chemistry using a typical specifications sheet released by the battery manufacturer. Our evaluations indicate that it is a significant improvement in terms of accuracy over the default Simulink battery model, and a journal paper containing a comparison of these model is currently going through the review process.
The model is an extension to "Model 2" as described in "Li-Ion Storage Models for Energy System Optimization: The Accuracy-Tractability Tradeoff" (eEnergy 2016) by Kazhamiaka et al..
The zip file contains a number of examples for how to structure the configuration files, and how to use the model, both as part of a matlab script or as part of a Simulink simulation. Note that the model is not optimized for Simulink, and hence we recommend using is as part of a script for faster simulation. We provide parameter for two Li-ion chemistries: Lithium Titanate and Lithium Ferrous-Phosphate.

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Added an option to select fast mode which uses an iterative method to solve equations

Changed the model name

Description typo.

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