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TomoPhantom is a toolbox to generate customisable 2D and 3D phantoms for image processing tasks


Updated 13 Jan 2021

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TomoPhantom is recommended for various image processing tasks that require extensive numerical testing: image reconstruction, denoising, deblurring, etc. In particular, the software is well-suited for tomographic image reconstruction (TIR). For TIR algorithms testing, the popular Shepp-Logan phantom is not always a good choice due to its piecewise-constant nature. This toolbox provides a simple modular approach to build customisable 2D/3D/4D phantoms consisting of piecewise-constant and also smooth analytical objects. The objects include: Gaussians, parabolas, ellipses, cones, rectangulars, etc. The exact tomographic projections (sinograms) as a result of applying Radon Transform (currently parallel beam geometry is only available) to analytical objects can be obtained. The sinograms can be used for TIR benchmarking purposes without so-called the 'Inverse Crime'. TomoPhantom is also compatable with ASTRA-toolbox and the generated data can be directly reconstructed using ASTRA-toolbox (see provided examples). Additionally, TomoPhantom provides the temporal extension, therefore a capability of creating 2D+time and 3D+time objects.
[1] D. Kazantsev, V. Pickalov "New iterative reconstruction methods for fan-beam tomography", IPSE, 2017

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Daniil Kazantsev

bort what kind of error, can you copy it here please? Are you using Windows or Unix?


There is an error in matlab due to "mex TomoP2DModel.c TomoP2DModel_core.c utils.c COMPFLAGS="\$COMPFLAGS -fopenmp -Wall -std=c99".I tried to use Matlab 2016B and Matlab 2018B,but the error is the same.Who can solve it?

Ander Biguri

Gianni Schena

implements a method reported in " inverse problems in science & engineering"

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