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Philips Hue Matlab Driver

version (390 KB) by Massimo Ciacci
A tool to connect to Philips Hue Bridge and drive the lamps from Matlab.


Updated 25 May 2020

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This driver set consists mainly of the following items:
(1) Philips_HUE_CONNECT(verbose)
Communicate with a Philips Hue bridge to talk to the Hue personal wireless LED lights.
- Finds the Hue Bridge using
- Checks if user previously paired with bridge, if not a pairing procedure is started.
- Upon completed connection with the Hue-Bridge, user will get an appID, stored to a mat file userNameWQuotes.mat" for later use.
- Returns the url to the first found light attached to the bridge : urlLIGHT_State
- Communication with the Bridge to write is done via a ML central sumbmission, urlread2, by Jim Hokanson:
- By editing one switch internally, one can choose to work with a Hue Emulator instead of the real Hue Bridge. This helps debugging possible issues. It helped me tremendously.
get it here:
(2) set_Lamp_RGB(urlLIGHT_State, RGBint, GAMUT)
- Changes color of lamp using RGB triplet in [0..255].
- GAMUT: A,B,C: depends on what lamp you have, ref:
- Makes use of other functions such as RGBint_2_xy_Philips_Hue
(3) set_Lamp_HSV(urlLIGHT_State, HSVpc, mode, GAMUT)
Changes color of lamp using HSV
- HSV = triplet in [0..360],[0..100],[0..100]
- mode = direct | convert
direct: ignores hw color mappings and maps hues linearly : 0-65535 onto [0-360]
convert: uses the provided GAMUT and resorts to set_Lamp_RGB, after internal conversion.
- GAMUT, only used in mode = convert
In the near future I will combine this with a color browser tool, earlier released, "colorStudioMax".

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Massimo Ciacci (2020). Philips Hue Matlab Driver (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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url = ''; became invalid, using new url:
url = ''

List available lamps, and select the first one.

Changed errors to warnings with error-Codes
Improved interface and testBench

- Added check for Matlab version >= 2014b, and related error (webread was introduced in 2014b)
- testbench now shows what color is going to be sent to the lamp.

- Added screenshot
- Updated testbench (test_Philips_HUE_Connect_n_Set_Colors): longer pause before lamp read-back to wait for hue value to be updated after setting xy.

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Created with R2016b
Compatible with any release
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