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Voltage Control DC/DC Bidirectional Converter

version (195 KB) by Mahmoud Saleh
Voltage Controlled DC/DC Bidirectional Converter, multiple Simulink version is uploaded


Updated 19 Jul 2017

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Matlab versions from 2017a to 2014a were uploaded. the file has DC/DC Bidirectional Converter that maintain the DC bus voltage to the desired value regardless of the amount of the current coming from the MG.
Please reference the mentioned papers inside the Simulink file if you will use the model. Thank you.

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Mahmoud Saleh (2021). Voltage Control DC/DC Bidirectional Converter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Fernando Coelho

When you add a big load (small resistance), the battery is not guaranteing the voltage level (seems like the battery is not providing enough power to the DC bus). Any ideas on how to solve this? The control signals of the buck and boost are correct, but the voltage drops below the value wanted.

Vaghela Hari


Benyamin Abbaszadeh

Hi Mr.saleh please guide me how can I simulate a two input bidirectional boost converter for renewable energy sources.thank you


How this converter is work on buck and boost converter ?


ten chen

Evgeni Malev

Taha Alwahsh

Faanzir Faanzir



ziang lyu

Mahmoud Saleh

@ SRANG: For sizing the L & C, in Rashid's book, the talk is about the boost and buck converters separately, but from that you can figure out the right numbers. You can find out the critical values for L & C in buck & boost cases, separate, and pick the one that will cover both. Also, there are some example about this in Ned Mohan book for power electronics.
For more details and applications of this model, please check:
a) Hardware based testing of communication based control for DC microgrid :
b) Communication Based Control for DC Microgrids :
c) Design and implementation of CCNY DC microgrid testbed:

As for the voltage reference, the model cover a wide range. In order to reach the reference you want, you need to adjust the operational conditions (i.e. battery voltage, current source value, the resistance connected on the DC bus side, etc.) to make it feasible/ logical to work for your application.


Dear sir, I have gone through the reference papers which you have provided but not able to calculate the values of C and L. In addition to that the fix voltage simulation is not working when the voltage reference changed to 160 i.e, the bus voltage I required. Please help me in this manner. My mail Id is

daeun kim

Nisha Sathian

Vasily Chirkin

Rajan Gaur

Sir please provide the link of reference papers that you have used during the designing of this model

Dai-Duong Tran -ETEC-

Bimal gyawali

Yusef Esa

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