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Add a shadow to an existing surface plot.


Updated 17 Aug 2015

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SHADOWPLOT Add a shadow to an existing surface plot

For some surface plots, it can be helpful to visualize the shadow (2D projection) of the surface. This can give a quick perspective on the data's variance.

SHADOWPLOT PLANE Adds a shadow plot on the PLANE boundary
PLANE can be:
x, y, or z: Plots on back/top wall of x, y or z
1 .. 6 : Plots on Nth wall, numbered as in AXIS:
[xmin xmax ymin ymax zmin zmax]

SHADOWPLOT(HAX,PLANE) Adds a shadow plot on the Nth wall on axes HAX
HS = SHADOWPLOT(...) Returns a handle to the shadow (a patch)

shading interp
shadowplot x % Back X Wall
shadowplot y % Back Y Wall

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Michelle Hirsch (2021). SHADOWPLOT (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (12)

Andrea Libri


it is a really useful m file to create a projection!


For surf(x,y,peaks)

if peaks is size n x m
then x must be size 1 x m
and y must be size n x 1


Actually I realized I can just pass in a patch/surface object and adjust the kids/kisp loops or get rid of them completely to only shadow a single object. Works like a charm!


Great function! Is there any way to shadow only 1 object though (say a particular patch handle only) as opposed to all surface/patch objects on an axis?


Frederick Bryan

I repeat Usman's request. Is there any way to add projections of lines/points too? (e.g., using plot3/line/quiver)

Usman Ali

hi, can we use shadow plot of plot3(), i am trying to do so but no successful. it only works with mesh/surf plots. help

Pavel Mazniker

Joseph Kirk

line 79: if length(axis==4)

I don't think this achieves the intended purpose. (axis==4) will evaluate to a logical array of either 4 or 6 elements. length(axis==4) will thus equal 4 or 6, so the if-statement will always execute.

It should be: if length(ax)==4
This will execute the if-statement if the axis view is 2D, but not if the view is already 3D.


Works well. Found a coding error: change line 120 to "surfdata{2} = repmat(surfdata{2}',1,Nx);"

John D'Errico

Its former self is only a "shadow" of what it is now. Sorry. I had to say it. 8-)

John D'Errico

I liked the idea until I tried it out. Shadowplot is of limited use in its current form. It works very nicely on the output of peaks, so then I tried it on one of my own 3d plots. It fails on more general patch objects, able to work on only objects of type 'surface'.

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