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Survival analysis in MATLAB


Updated 13 Feb 2020

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MatSurv is a simple survival analysis function for MATLAB (version 2016b and later) that creates a KM-plot with risk table. Survival statistics, such as log rank p-value and Hazard Ration (HR) is also calculated. The log rank test has been tested to give the same results as SAS and R. The style of the KM-plot is easily changed with input parameters. No additional toolboxes are needed. MatSurv was inspired by the survminer R-package (
More examples can be found at:

Cite As

Creed, Jordan, et al. “MatSurv: Survival Analysis and Visualization in MATLAB.” Journal of Open Source Software, vol. 5, no. 46, The Open Journal, Feb. 2020, p. 1830, doi:10.21105/joss.01830.

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Please use the Cite As above for now. Working on a real publication.

This is great! If I'm going to use this package if a peer reviewed journal article how should I cite it?


Thanks for your comment.
I don't use the chi2cdf function since it a part of the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox but gammainc has the same option. Will update the code

Also, better to use:
p = chi2cdf(chi2, nu, 'upper')

xinyi zhu

It worked perfectly on R2017a, the painting is wonderful!
Thank you very much!

xinyi zhu

Thank you for your reply.
I will try it on R2017a. Thanks a lot.


Hi again.
it seems like that it runs perfect on (R2016b) and later versions but I get some strange Y-axis with (R2016a) but it does not crash.
Will see if I can make it more back-wards compatible but I can't promise anything.

xinyi zhu

my version is 2015


I just tried the following and it works for me
load laml_RC_data.mat
[p,fh,stats]=MatSurv(laml_RC_TimeVar, laml_RC_EventVar, laml_RC_GroupVar,...
'GroupsToUse', {'Good','Intermediate','Poor'},'Xstep',24);

What version of MATLAB are you running?

xinyi zhu

There was a problem in this package.
when I ran the ('laml_RC_data.mat') example, matlab showed an error in using axes and there was a mistake in line 272.
I hope you to fix this problem, thank you.



Fixed description text


Added JOSS paper and DOI information

Additional error checking including minimum number of samples per group and if there is more than one group with zero events. Also added support for multilevel GroupsToUse input in order to merge groups

Added an option so the risk table can be placed in the KM-plot (RT_KMplot)

Fixed bug in print option


Fixed the HR calculations when there are multiple groups


Small update of functionality


Updated Cite As


Updated stats structure and included Mantel-Haenszel Hazard Ratio

Fixed bug where it crashed if there was only 1 group member.

Updated CutPoint option to include Tertile

Fixed a bug where median survival time was not calculated with the NoPlot option

Changed median cut to x < median by default and added an option to change it to x > median. Only affect the results if there is an odd number of samples.

Updated MATLAB version requirement

Updated GitHub example figures to match current default settings

Updated LineColor options, median survival time is now calculated and option to print results to the screen

Updated the description

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2017a
Compatible with R2016b to R2019b
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: KMplot, Logrank