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Structurable output-feedback LQR design for LTI ss systems


Updated 21 Oct 2018

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Structurable robust output-feedback LQR design for polytopic LTI ss systems.
[F,P,E,rv,dinfo] = OFLQR(sys,Q,R,N,ct,Opt) calculates the (sub)optimal robust structurable output-feedback gain matrix F such that:
* For a continuous-time polytopic state-space model SYS, the output-feedback law (P, PI, PID, PD, D, DOF, DOFI, DOFID or DOFD) guarantees the robust closed-loop stability (quadratic stability) and minimizes the quadratic cost function: J = Integral {x'Qx + u'Ru + 2x'Nu} dt,
Subject to the system dynamics: dx/dt = Aj x + Bj u; y = Cj x; yi = Cij x; yd = Cdj x; j = 1,2,...,p.
The function allows to design a structured controller, i.e. if the number of outputs is equal to the number of inputs, a fully decentralized controller can be obtained. Furthermore, the derivative filter for controller types using derivatives, is included in the controller design with predefinable filter coefficient. The function has much more functionality, for more info type ‘help oflqr’ in matlab or in octave.
- Control System Toolbox installed
- YALMIP installed (R2015xxx or newer)
- LMI solver installed (sdpt3, sedumi, mosek, ...)
- Control package installed and loaded
- YALMIP installed (R2015xxx or newer)
- LMI solver insatlled (sdpt3, sedumi, ...)
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Major changes in the code, new options properties and function outputs are included.

Minor changes in the code.

Minor changes in the code.

Different output matrix can be predefined for the Integral and Derivative part.

The function now allows to design structured controllers for all controller types using a structure matrix, which can be predefined.

Minor changes in the code.

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