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Vehicle modeling with Simscape

version (1.65 MB) by Andrea Casadio
Simscape libraries for Vehicle Modeling


Updated 24 Nov 2017

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Here there are some customized libraries and Simulink projects for Vehicle modeling with Simscape.
Customized Simscape components will help you to develop projects with tire models based on Pacejka '89 and '96 formulas.

Example projects will allow to simulate 3DOF vehicle model (Simscape only) and 6DOF (Simscape Multibody).

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Andrea Casadio (2020). Vehicle modeling with Simscape (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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update: may shed light on it and resolve the issue.

Still doesn't work after implementing "Argument 2 = 0.0100" with "Argument 2 = {0.0100, '1')".
I'm unable to find documentation on the syntax, does anyone know where to learn this?

Hello everyone and sorry for the late reply.

Honestly I have no idea about what's going on, because at the time I uploaded the files everything worked well.
Please try replacing "Argument 2 = 0.0100" with "Argument 2 = {0.0100, '1')".
In alternative my suggestion is to check if the sintax of Matlab Simscape is changed in the last 2 years.
Does the other library block works well?

Let me know in the comments.


Isra Rabbaa

Also I have the same error like Mirsad Bucak, and Dyson
who could help us??

I have the same error as Dyson. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Good job! Andrea.
But I have some problems when I was build the libs using "ssc_build" command. Could you help me to deal with it? The error messages are shown as below:
Generating Simulink library 'LibreriaSimscape_lib' in the MATLAB package parent directory 'C:\Users\Dyson\Desktop\VehicleModelling\Vehicle modeling' ...
Failed to generate 'LibreriaSimscape_lib'"

LibreriaSimscape.Ruota/ruota_pac89_comb>equations (line 83)
Invalid use of +. At least one of the operands must be scalar or the operands must
be the same size. The units of the operands must be commensurate.
Argument 1 = {2500, 'N'}
Argument 2 = 0.0100
mu = 1
N = {2500, 'N'}

Cason sun


Hi Andrea Casadio,
It would be great if you can share the model in 2015b or 2016A Version

alan ghi


24th november update: Added thumbnail image.

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