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version by Peter Rochford
A collection of Matlab functions for creating semi-transparent markers in plots and legends.


Updated 26 Nov 2017

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This is a collection of functions for creating semi-transparent markers in plots and legends. They were written to simplify the task of using markers in plots with a face color that can vary from transparent to opaque. A few examples of how to use these functions are included. There is also a Wiki at

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This toolbox works up to Matlab R2017b but fails with version R2018b. MathWorks cannot guarantee the undocumented functionality that I am exploiting will continue to work in R2018b and future releases. An enhancement request has been submitted internally at MathWorks for this functionality to be added in a future Matlab release. I will update the toolbox once a stable solution is available. However, it is likely this toolbox will become obsolete at that point.



The matrix of ['r','b'] in the legendMarkers() function of the marker2.m file controls the fill colors of the markers in the plot. The colors that are given in the plot() function specify the color of the line and the outer circle of the marker. If you set the matrix to ['m'; 'g'] you will get blue circles filled with magenta and red circles filled with green.

Sungwoo Park

What is the matrix of ['r','b'] in the example2. I want to change the colors.

Put the '.' before the dash, e.g. replace '-o' with '.-' in the example scripts.

Labe Black

Hi Peter,

Fantastic script!

Do you know of a way to get rid of the 'o' marker and replace it with '.'?

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Created with R2017b
Compatible with any release
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