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version (1.01 MB) by Tayfun Tumkaya
A data analysis tool that is using the estimation statistics approach.


Updated 10 Sep 2020

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DABEST is a data analysis tool that is intended to make estimation statistics more accessible to scientific communities. Estimation statistics is a superior alternative to null hypothesis significance testing (NHST), in which effect size and confidence intervals are used to interpret results as opposed to dichotomous significance testing.
This code allows the user to visualize the data as scatterplots; calculates the effect size and confidence intervals of the difference between multiple groups; and plots the results on the same figure. This figure design allows for a visual inspection of the observed values distribution, and displays the differences between multiple groups of data.

Check out the tutorial to see example plots, and to find out how to plot your data:

Visit our website for a web application of DABEST, and to learn more about estimation statistics:

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Tayfun Tumkaya (2021). DABEST-Matlab (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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