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Multi-tracker Optimization Algorithm (MTOA)

version (162 KB) by Ehsan Zakeri
MTOA is a novel population-based optimization algorithm for global optimization


Updated 17 Jan 2018

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Multi-tracker Optimization Algorithm (MTOA) is a new computational population-based optimization algorithm, which is designed based on the advantages and disadvantages of other evolutionary optimization algorithms introduced so far. This new algorithm named as “multi-tracker optimization algorithm,” due to a multi-level structure of trackers within it, has some unique features, such as increasing the accuracy of the optimal point and continuous local search after convergence in order to escape from local minima simultaneously. Another important advantage of this algorithm is optimizing time-varying dynamical problems and tracking the optimal point. These characteristics make the algorithm very efficient for optimization problems, especially in the field of engineering.
You can find the Multi-tracker Optimization Algorithm Original Paper here:

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