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Robotics Playground

version 20.1.4 (37.8 MB) by MathWorks Student Competitions Team
This toolbox is a collection of Simulink virtual envrionments designed to aid in the teaching of basic concepts in mobile robotics


Updated 07 Oct 2020

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Library of virtual envrionments designed to aid in the teaching of basic concepts in robotics along with re-usable lessons and other robotics demos.

MATLAB APP available through the app menu after install to help get started.

Lessons for:
- Intro to MATLAB
- Basic robot movements
- Intro to Simulink
- Teleoperation robot controls
- Programming distance sensors
- Programming custom behavior
- Intro to Stateflow (Flow Diagrams)
- Maze solving robots

VEX Clawbot simulation demos for:
- Teleoperation and Control
- Simulation of Autonomous Algorithms
- Autonomous Behavior with Active Perception

BEST Robotics Online Game 2020 - Outbreak
- Game Template for Keyboard Control
- Game Template for Gamepad Control
- Game Template for Autonomous Control

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

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Comments and Ratings (21)

Francesco Ciriello

Giacomo Telloli

she guy an pang

Hello, I have a problem when I use the function block, I just find it "Locked" after placing the function block, double-clicking it, entering its internal code. And I can not edit or add anything with its original code model. Can anyone help me out? Thanks a lot

@Abdul, looks like the required toolboxes stated here are missing the Image Processing toolbox. Having that installed would be necessary to draw the obstacles. Otherwise, you should still be able to set them manually through their position, width, and height in the environment dialog window.

Abdul Jabbar

Hello, I am getting an error while trying to create my own obstacle environment.

This is what I am doing,
1. open up the blank project.
2. add a obstacle environment block
3. open the environment block
4. go to obstacle setting tab and set number of obstacle as 3 or 2.

Error: when I press enter to set obstacles, I get the following error,
" Error Evaluating 'MaskDialog' callback of RP Obstacle Environment block (mask) ''untitled/Obstacle Environment'. Callback string is 'setObstacleUI(gcb)'

Unrecognized function or variable "imrect".

P.S. I have checked the installed app on my computer by typing "ver" in the command window and it returns all the required libraries.

Jose Avendano

If you have errors regarding 'SimMechanicsRigidlyBoundBlock', try the following solution:

Leslii Silveus

Rodolfo Garcia Luna

Hi, I have a little problem:
Simulation 1
02:56 PM Elapsed: 0.327 sec
Error evaluating 'InitFcn' callback of block_diagram 'untitled'.
Callback string is 'RPInit'
Caused by:
block_diagram does not have a parameter named 'SimMechanicsRigidlyBoundBlock'
Component:Simulink | Category:Block diagram error

Could you explain me how can I fix this, please?

Aarnav Bansal

Sourav Dutta

Can we use the Robotics System Toolbox UAV Library with this toolbox to simulate a drone within any environment?

Amit Charantimath

Seok Lee

links are broken on the "example" tab.

Brian Kornish

Brian Kornish

Greg Drayer

Eric Fricot

Hi, little problem:

" Simulation 1 Clear
11:48 PM Elapsed: 6 sec
Number of blocks in the block diagram 'RP_Obstacle_Environment_Dashboard' and all models it references exceeds the license limit of 1000 nonvirtual blocks.
Component:Simulink | Category:Block diagram error"

How can i solve that?

Michel Pommies

Ed Marquez


Number of blocks in the block diagram 'RP_Sumo_Dashboard' and all models it references exceeds the license limit of 1000 nonvirtual blocks. Matlab Home edition -_-

mouad boumediene

please make 2017a version i need it so much

Akash Gopisetty

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2019b
Compatible with R2019b and later releases
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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