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Generalized Sorting

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Sort any kind of data based on user-defined criteria.

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Updated 21 Jan 2005

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QUICKSORT allows the user to sort by any desired criteria. The user passes the data and a comparison function to the QUICKSORT and QUICKSORT returns an indexing vector sorted based on the comparison function.

The comparison function may be an inline function or a function handle. Function handles are an order of magnitude faster than inline functions. I use the TMP_HANDLE utility for creating temporary function handles in MATLAB 6.

QUICKSORT is implemented in m-code and uses a modified quicksort algorithm which sorts by "less than", "equal to" and "greater than". It is much slower than the builtin sort function, but also much more flexible.

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Nathan Thern (2021). Generalized Sorting (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Jan Moringen

I used the quicksort function with a cellarray of objects and a comparison-function that compared a specific attribute of the objects. It worked nicely. I like how the source array is not touched but a list of indices is returned instead.

Joe Daz

This function uses two arguments instead of one (a 1xn vector). Complicated if you just want to sort a simple vector.

Guido Longoni

Thank you very much!

Miks Böllér

if it "doesnt work", maybe its just you who couldnt use it... have you read the comments in m file?

Urban Novak

Thans, it works perfectly.

Steve Block

doesn't work

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