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Displays and Inverts 2D/1D Geophysical Magnetic Data


Updated 26 Jun 2018

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Upload txt/csv/.mat files with magnetic data, and choose from 3 geophysical models to invert with. Users can upload .txt files from USGS and take magnetic profiles across 2D, gridded data sets (Aeromagnetics, etc.). MagnetoBot allows for multiple guesses to hone in on what is really underground.
Once the guess is made, MATLAB uses nlinfit and a model function of the magnetic field to fit the data, returning fitted parameters for the structure and the error for each parameter (3 Standard Deviations).


P.S. I tried to make the user manual funny, so that's worth a look too.

(Using Magnetic Models from Telford, Geldart, and Sheriff, 1990)
(Using deg2utm (included) by Rafael Palacios)

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Created with R2016b
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Inspired by: deg2utm