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Reinforcement learning with Self-balancing motorcycle

version 1.0.1 (39.5 KB) by MathWorks Maker Team
This submission contains the model needed to implement reinforcement learning algorithm on an arduino based motorcycle.


Updated 06 Aug 2018

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The Arduino Engineering Kit offers 3 projects : Drawing Robot, Rover and a Motorcycle. In this submission, we show how to use reinforcement learning algorithm (Q-learning) to balance the motorcycle. For more details about the kit itself, please visit this page -

Here is a video of the final project in action -

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MathWorks Maker Team (2021). Reinforcement learning with Self-balancing motorcycle (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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shuaishuai lv

Clovis Bonavides

At this price tag - and I purchased 2 - I expected to receive very good assembly instructions. But it came with exactly NONE!!!

My big problem is NOT with programming - but assembling the kits!!! Where can I find assembly instructions??? Drawings preferred, please, not videos....

Kyriakos Kapetis

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