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version 1.0.1 (1.57 KB) by Kevin Chng
Plot 2 y-axis and 2 x-axis in a graph. It allows user to zoom in and out of the graph with correct scales of both x and y axis.


Updated 01 Sep 2018

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With linkaxes function, your scale limit for both x-axis or y-axis are same.
It does not allow user to zoom it and out with different scale of the both x-axis or both y-axis.
It can be solved by set2xyaxis and it allows user to zoom in and out of the graph.

% set2xyaxis help you to set the 2nd axis with different scales
% zoom function is built to allow user to zoom in and out of graph
% The scale of two axis will follow the zoom proportionally.
% set2xyaxis(labelx1, labely1,labelx2,labely2,xlim2,ylim2)
% Example :
% figure
% x1 = 0:0.1:40;
% y1 = 4.*cos(x1)./(x1+2);
% line(x1,y1,'Color','r')
% set2xyaxis('ni hao','da jia hao','hao ma',1,[0 2],[30 40]);
% Copyright 2018 Kevin Chng.

if nargin < 6
error('Not enough input arguments');

%% Second Axes
global ax1 scaleX

ax1 = gca;
ax1_pos = ax1.Position; % position of first axes
ax2 = axes('Position',ax1_pos,...
set(ax2,'xlim',[xlim2(1) xlim2(2)]);
set(ax2,'ylim',[ylim2(1) ylim2(2)]);
grid on;

%% Count the scale
scaleX = (ax1.XLim(2)-ax1.XLim(1))/(ax2.XLim(2)-ax2.XLim(1));

%% set properties of call back function
h = zoom(ax2);
h.ActionPostCallback = @mypostcallback;
h.Enable = 'on';

function mypostcallback(obj,evd)
newLim = evd.Axes.XLim;
global ax1 scaleX
set(ax1,'xlim',[newLim(1)*scaleX newLim(2)*scaleX]);

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Kevin Chng (2020). set2xyaxis (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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