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easy-as-pie API to TargetLink Data Dictionary
Updated 21 Dec 2018

easy-as-pie API for the TargetLink Data Dictionary

ddQuery is to the TargetLink Data Dictionary, what slQuery is to Simulink models: a "slickness-layer". It wraps awkward calls to the `dsdd`-API function of TargetLink and makes querying and manipulating of Data Dictionary workspaces a breeze.

Scripted manipulation of Data Dictionary workspaces had always required tons and tons of API-calls, awkward management of handles vs. pathes, loops and subroutines for dealing with properties/attribues, inter-Data Dictionary-references. In all this code, the main idea
of what is being done cannot stand out clearly.

ddQuery brings you two major tools that make scripted interaction with Data Dictionary workspaces a lot easier and

1) ddQuery is a query-language inspired by slQuery that allows searching a TargetLink Data Dictionary workspace for groups of objects that satisfy certain conditions and have certain relations to each other.

2) ddQuery wraps arrays of Data Dictionary handles into lightweight "objects" that can be used to access object attributes, properties and structural features in a syntactically pleasing way.

TargetLink Data Dictionary (TLDD) is the central data container technology where all information used by the dSPACE TargetLink autocoder is managed.

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.