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Camera Color Correction Toolbox

version 1.0.0 (12.9 MB) by Jueqin Qiu
This toolbox makes it easy to calculate the optimal color correction matrix (CCM) for digital camera color correction.


Updated 18 Feb 2019

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Camera Color Correction Toolbox makes it easy to calculate the optimal color correction matrix between the camera responses and the targets by minimizing nonlinear loss function. This toolbox can seamlessly cooperate with other modules in the Image Signal Processing pipeline like spatial nonuniformity correction, white-balancing, etc.

Following color correction models are supported:

* Linear transformation
* Polynomial regression
* Root-polynomial regression

Please see this .gif for a rough impression:

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Jueqin Qiu (2020). Camera Color Correction Toolbox (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (3)

Jueqin Qiu

@Bob Hou
The cc_demo in the gif is only for introduction purpose so I did not include it in the release package. /demo/demo.m was included for the same purpose, you can run a test on this script instead.

Bob Hou

The .gif uses colorchecker passport 4x6 colors and there is no cc_demo.
Do you have cc_demo.m?

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Compatible with R2017a to any release
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