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GUI Numerical Solver

version 1.1.3 (25.5 KB) by Mohammad Al-Fetyani
GUI Numerical Solver including curve fitting, root finding and linear system solver using most of the popular methods.


Updated 20 Dec 2019

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GUI Numerical Solver includes the following :
- Roots Finding
-> Bisection
-> False-Position
-> Simple Fixed Point
-> Newton-Raphson Method (Multivariable included)
-> Secant Method (Multivariable included)
- Linear System Solver
-> Gauss Elimination
-> Gauss Jordan
-> LU Dolittle Decomposition
-> LU Crout Decomposition
-> Gauss Seidel
-> Jacobi Iterative
-> Over-Relaxation Method
- Curve Fitting
-> Regression

Features :
-> can specify number of decimals
-> can specify initial values
-> can specify number of decimal certainty as a termination condition
-> include more than one termination conditions that user can specify
-> shows steps of solution and table for iterative process
-> and much more

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Mohammad Al-Fetyani (2020). GUI Numerical Solver (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Ahamd Jamal

what am i use Multivariable

suhaib dc

Tala Samara

Ramez Qasim

aya mosly

Shatha Naji

Run GUINumericalSolver script

suhaib dc

where are the GUI files?could you upload it?



Multivariable bug fixed.






Fixing some bugs.


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Created with R2019a
Compatible with R2018b to any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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