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Cyclic Modulation Spectrum

version 1.0.0 (4.16 KB) by Marco Buzzoni
Computation of Cyclic Modulation Spectrum for detecting cyclostationary components


Updated 6 May 2019

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This function returns an estimation of the (cross) spectral density correlation, called (cross) cyclic modulation spectrum.
It can be used for detecting hidden cycliostationary components in a given signal and it can be useful for bearing and gear fault diagnosis.
For this purpose, this function allows to perform an envelope analysis based on the information provided by the CMS map.
In other terms, for diagnostics purposes, the CMS can be used as pre-processing tool in order to detect the most informative frequency band containing the diagnostic information that can be exploited by the envelope analysis.
A demo showing how CMS can be used is provided as well.

Ref.: Antoni J, Cyclostationarity by examples, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 23(4):987-1036, 2009

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