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Matlab to LaTeX Library

version 1.2.0 (116 KB) by fhz
Library with functions to create strings with the LaTeX syntax and LaTeX files through Matlab.


Updated 20 Feb 2020

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My library of functions to handle with the creation of strings with LaTeX syntax and also files directed from Matlab.

It uses some functions from my "File Manipulation Library", to read and create files.

Some features are the full generation of files to insert figures and programming codes into LaTeX given a folder with them and a filter.

Some aided functions to converted notation as needed.

Functions to operate with matrices and vectors, even with imaginary parts or symbolic variables.

Functions to add to a struct the main LaTeX-commands, which is very useful while writing a LaTeX report through Matlab.

A function to write the general solution of linear ODEs is given as example of the full usage of this library.

All functions have examples of its usages.

New ideas and suggestions are welcome since the functions of this library were the ones I created to solve problems I faced.

New functions version 1.1.0:
fc_lib_latex_ponto_para_virgula: Replace "." (dot) for "," (comma) for non-English users

fc_lib_latex_string_add_lines: Given two strings, s1 and s2 and a vector of numbers n. This function insert the lines of s2 into s1 in the lines given by n. If n has the same numbers in sequence, i.e., n = [2 2 2 2 6], it will insert the first four lines of s2 in sequence at the second line of s1 -- the original second line will be inserted after this subset o s1 -- and the fifth (and last) line of s2 into the sixth (original) line of s1.

Version 1.2.0:
Now has \multicolumn and \multirow syntax in it.

Option for use with longtable environment

New function:
Creates variation ot insert the environments tabular and longtable

Converts cells with numbers and NaN into only strings content.
It let's other functions to properly work dealing only if a simples data type.

Based on the MSWord version, this function rewrites the syntax of a tabular string writing the proper syntax to \multicolumn usage.

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fhz (2022). Matlab to LaTeX Library (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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