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Simple Dimensionality Reduction Demonstration

version 1.1 (3.21 KB) by Jingwei Too
Application of principal component analysis (PCA) for feature reduction.


Updated 24 Oct 2020

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I offer the program for feature reduction
(1) PCA

The "Main" script illustrates the example of how PCA can reduce the number of features using benchmark data-set.
In addition, I also demo how to plot the first three components for PCA.


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Jingwei Too

Dear Rob Campbell,

Indeed, the PCA code is simple. However, this program is to demonstrate how to plot the principal component but not compute PCA itself.

Rob Campbell

The "program for feature reduction" just runs "NewFeat=pca(feat','NumComponents',nPC);". That's it. The demo script clears the workspace and doesn't provide any insights.


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Simple Dimensionality Reduction