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Shades areas between a curve and a fixed threshold.

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Updated 25 Mar 2005

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AREASHADE(X,Y,F) shades the area where Y is larger than some fixed value F using the color yellow.

AREASHADE(X,Y,F,C) uses color C instead of yellow.

AREASHADE(X,Y,F,C,TH) where TH = 'h' uses F as a high threshold and shades the are where Y<F. Default for TH is 'l', painting Y>F.

H = AREASHADE(X,Y,F) returns a handle to the created patch.

x = [0:.5:20]; y = sin(x);
figure, plot(x,y,'o-'), hold on
plot(xlim,1/sqrt(2)*[1 1],'k')
plot(xlim,-1/sqrt(2)*[1 1],'k')

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An excellent work indeed


WoW, this is really superb.And, Andreas have you ever tried transparent plot i.e the plot which is behind is overlapped with the plot at the front and should be visible to the user

Ajaya Mohan

Excellent, solved my long standing problem.

ff frfr

eric campos

e estado buscando la forma de encontrar el area de una grafica yo tambien y encontre la tuya y la voy a estudiar

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