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Shades areas between a curve and a fixed threshold.


Updated 25 Mar 2005

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AREASHADE(X,Y,F) shades the area where Y is larger than some fixed value F using the color yellow.

AREASHADE(X,Y,F,C) uses color C instead of yellow.

AREASHADE(X,Y,F,C,TH) where TH = 'h' uses F as a high threshold and shades the are where Y<F. Default for TH is 'l', painting Y>F.

H = AREASHADE(X,Y,F) returns a handle to the created patch.

x = [0:.5:20]; y = sin(x);
figure, plot(x,y,'o-'), hold on
plot(xlim,1/sqrt(2)*[1 1],'k')
plot(xlim,-1/sqrt(2)*[1 1],'k')

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