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SALS Toolbox

version 1.3 (2.89 MB) by Alfred Geisel
Structural Analysis of Linear Systems Toolbox


Updated 31 Jul 2020

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This toolbox is useful to analyze generic properties of linear time invariant dynamical systems characterized by a state-space description. There are functions for structured systems, signed systems, and uncertain systems. Uncertain systems are a generalization of structured and signed systems.

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Alfred Geisel et. al. (2020). SALS Toolbox Version 1.3. (, MATLAB Central File Exchange.



Functions to test for sign controllability and sign stabilizability are included.


genAllCsv( ) now generates all complex sign vectors in single sign matrix representation and in construction data matrix representation.
Functions to convert between different representations of complex sign vectors included.


Error correction in function csvFromComplVect(): In version 1.2.3 the complex sign vector of the conjugate complex input vector has been determined for row vector inputs. Problem is fixed in this version.


New functions for handling complex sign vectors. Details see release notes of this version.

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Created with R2018b
Compatible with R2018b to any release
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