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Spline Toolbox

version 1.4 (1.69 MB) by Florian Martin
Spline toolbox for the definition, evaluation and visualization of spline curves and surfaces based on standard B-splines


Updated 02 Jun 2020

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This Spline toolbox provides the possibility to define spline curves and surfaces according to the common definition with knot vectors, the order of the B-spline basis functions and their coefficients.
The Spline objects can be evaluated, differentiated and visualized in multiple fashions, e.g. fast evaluation at grid points for surfaces or the calculation of all sorts of curvatures. As the evaluation is based on the application of Horner's scheme on the different polynomial segments, it is even possible to extend the functions continuously and evaluate at points that are not contained in the domain.

Furthermore, this toolbox allows the calculation of spline approximants for given pairs of function values, in both cases of curves and surfaces. They can be extended by considering additional interpolation and smoothing conditions.

A detailed description of all functionalities, combined with several examples, can be found in the documentation.

This toolbox was only created for the application in a research project, so errors are only handled properly during the definition of a spline. Any other error is often originated in mismatching dimensions, e.g. by manual manipulation of properties, or not correctly defined knots vectors/coefficients. But feel free to contact me in any case of problem as I am always trying to improve the program.

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