parseargs - A very flexible inputs parser

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Very flexible inputs parser. Parsing name-value pairs with default property easily.


Updated 30 Sep 2021

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Useful when a function requires multiple options.
PARSEARGS Set name-value pair arguments with default property easily.
The basic usage is like other similar functions in FEX, e.g., parseargs (Malcolm Wood), parse_pv_pairs (John D'Errico).
My parseargs can handle flexible input arguments (e.g., name-value pairs, a struct followed by name-value pairs, two struct, ...).
Besides, it allows user to control the parsing behavior, such as
  1. ['-checkcase'] whether parameter names are case-sensitive or not,
  2. ['-partial'] whether parameter names can be partially matched or not,
  3. ['-fix'] whether unmatched parameters can be kept or not,
  4. ['-checkclass'] whether data type can be changed or not,
  5. ['-checksize'] whether data size can be changed or not,
  6. ['-verbose'] whether any warning is shown or not.

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