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Convert size from bytes to larger units of size as relevant.


Updated 25 Apr 2005

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SIZECONVERT(SIZES,ROUNDING) converts a numerical matrix containing sizes in bytes to larger units of size as relevant. The output is a cell with the first column containing the converted sizes and the second column containing the abbreviated converted units.

By default, the converted sizes are rounded to the nearest integer for readability, although this can be disabled.


sizeconvert([534 1019 1047 16854 1724416 189340868 403296067584])
returns {534,'B';1019,'B';1,'KB';16,'KB';2,'MB';181,'MB';376,'GB'}

sizeconvert([437,5457, 4534405],0)
returns {437,'B';5.3291,'KB';4.3243,'MB'}

See code or type 'help sizeconvert' for full usage details.

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