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version 1.2.2 (2.02 KB) by Jonah Pearl
Make a legend with customized colors and labels, independent of plotted data.


Updated 14 May 2020

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[] = MAKE_CUSTOM_PATCH_LEGEND(colors, labels)
MAKE_CUSTOM_PATCH_LEGEND will plot a custom legend on the current figure.
It uses a hack involving invisible patch objects that I don't understand.
COLORS: either a cell array of n MATLAB color strings ('r', 'b', 'k', etc.);
or a column vector of n scalars, which will index into the current colormap;
or a n x 3 matrix of RGB values for each patch.
LABELS: a cell array of n string labels for your legend.
VARARGIN: name/value arguments to pass to legend().

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Jonah Pearl (2020). make_custom_patch_legend (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Jonah Pearl

Seems to have worked.



Trying again. Added list of default MATLAB colors.


1.2 update push didn't work for some reason.


Fixed the same spot, so that the for-loop indexing depends on the argument.


Changed line 49 from length(...) to size(...,1).

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