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version (46.4 KB) by Claudius Simon Appel
LazyPlot is a toolbox for extensive plotting of data in 2D using any standard matlab fit model with minimal coding effort.


Updated 22 May 2020

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LazyPlot can be used to both quickly display a figure containing any number of lines and data sets each (can be increased with minimal tweaking, see line 66/162 of the script "LazyPlot" for more information).
It will also define the axes ranges of the figure, as well as title, x/y-label, the position labels of the legend. Also, by defining the vector "LPQS" before calling "LazyPlot", one can get a glance at the figure by sacrificing some features. Clear out the variable again to enter normal mode again.
For more information on how to use LazyPlot, open the "LPCodeComp.m"-file. The changelog can have some information about how this came to be. I'd advise reading through the v.1.5 notes, it contains a few useful information on how to operate LazyPlot.
LazyPlot can only plot if all matrices are of the same size. Use NaN to fill up missing data spots, or just call it a second time and plot into the same figure.
The multiple commented matrices in the LPCodeComp-script show other methods for calling LazyPlot.
The function LPFigurefun can be run separately as well, without having to call LazyPlot.

Credit for the LPTreePrompter goes to Guillaume,

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Claudius Simon Appel (2020). LazyPlot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Since the space in these patch-notes is restricted and too small, look into the "Changelog.txt"-file for the actual patch notes, under v.

Removed a rather annoying bug in the creation of the LPmatx-matrix in QS-mode resulting in that creation not being possible. Fixed by implementing some of the code from the non-QS section.

Now displays the goodness of fit parameters in normal mode

Removed an overlooked disp()-line used for debugging.

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Created with R2020a
Compatible with R2014b to any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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