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Complex Diffusion

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Linear and non linear complex diffusion for image denoising.


Updated 22 Apr 2016

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Denoise images (gray level, can be extended for co,or) based on the concepts of linear and nonlinear diffusion. Will not introduce any blocky effects as in the case of 2nd order PDEs.
Ref :Guy Gilboa, Nir Sochen and Yehoshua Y Zeevi, Image Enhancement and Denoising by Complex Diffusion Processes, IEEE Trans. On Pattern Analysis and Machine Imtelligence, Vol. 26, No. 8, Aug. 2004

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Yifan Zuo

what is the difference between two files named "1" and "3"?

Vassili Pastushenko

Special tricks? Within "for" loop in COMPDIFF1 there is expression


Why within the loop?
Why not ci=0.5?

One specialist in oceanology in his talk explained:

"In this formula number pi is equal to 3.14 for blue wale".

Why 3.14 instead of pi?

A serious question: is there any advantage of compdiff in comparison to different possible low-pass filters?


adding BSD license

adding BSD license

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