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Moody Diagram

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Generates Moody Diagram


Updated 17 Mar 2008

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MOODY(UNITS,PAPER,NAME) generates a four axis, publication quality Moody diagram as a PAPER size encapsulated postscript file NAME with UNITS. Default units are IMPERIAL. If units are SI, the default paper size is A4. If units are IMPERIAL, the default paper size is LETTER. The default file name is MOODY.EPS.

MOODY writes letter size moody.eps with imperial units.
MOODY SI writes A4 size moody.eps with SI units.
MOODY IMPERIAL A4 writes A4 size moody.eps with imperial units.
MOODY SI LETTER writes letter size moody.eps with SI units.
MOODY SI A4 MOODY.SI.EPS writes A4 size with SI units.

Package includes log grid functions, Colebrook equation solver, postscript version of MS LineDraw font, modified ghostscript font catalog, and pdf versions of Moody diagrams and linedraw character set.

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Tom Davis (2020). Moody Diagram (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (34)

Ian Brown

Fluid moody

Very thorough and well done. Thank you!


It seems that TeX interpreter doesn't work well in newer versions. I've tried R2011a and results are far from those shown in the picture. Help is welcome!

How would I add experimental data to the program?

numero de reynolds es adimensional igual que el factor de friccion

la zona de transicion va solamente hasta 10000

Alberto Cruz

Haochun Zhang

it is great.

Bhautesh Mistry

great effort taken

Eric Wooden

Looks good but your transition zone to complete turbulence is quite a bit larger than the traditional Moody Chart (comparing it to my version from Crane 410).

before exam

thanks for pdf!!

babak tirandaz

Calvin Lai

Run the m-file moody gave good matlab plot.
some modificatioins are needed for computer of using non-English operation systems

rt(y(" èy-

Pierre Sullivan

This is wonderful

John Fenton

I am sorry about the last review, written by me in too much of a hurry, and I would withdraw it if I could. Tom Davis (the program author) patiently wrote back to me pointing out that there was indeed an SI option. I found that it works very well.

John Fenton

Not much help. Why do Americans still use feet?

ewu cambia

tarek mohamed

mohamed omarar

Gasser Elfaham

It saved me this year

evan mueller

Nathan Collier

I send students here when we do losses as this moody chart is much better than most I have seen in books. Very detailed and informative.

Sandy Small

moh alo

ali gholami

Izru Garner


ali heydari

dear sir
would you please send me the numerical simulation of mass transfer in supported liquid membrane in gas separation application?


updated links and contact information

updated links and font map

improved code metrics

improved code metrics

added output filename

simplified label coding

improved overbar alignment for A4 paper size

improved overbar alignment for A4 paper size

surd overbars and acceleration table

postscript output with orientation and paper size

print SI diagram to A4 paper size

updated links in readme.txt

minor revisions

minor revisions

stacked fractions

stacked fractions

unicode encoding

metric units

minor revisions

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