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Drag and Drop OS file/folder(s) into uifigure


Updated 07 Nov 2020

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This single file implementation can set up a callback fired when files and/or folders are dropped onto a uifigure component.

In the callback, the full file and/or folder names are captured for user to decide the action. Ctrl and Shift key status during the drop event are also reported.

Example to drop file/folder into uilistbox:

DnD_uifigure(uilistbox(uifigure), @(o,dat)set(o,'Items',dat.names))

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Xiangrui Li (2021). uiFileDnD (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Very neat utility!! Excellent.

Xiangrui Li

Hi Lei Wang,
When did you experience the crash, when you call DnD_uifigure, drag into uifigure/component, or drop onto a component?

Nice: works with Appdesigner at Maltlab 2021a
Issue: This seem to cause Matlab randomly crash to exit without any messages. Maybe need a proper way to remove residuals after app exist and the function lifetime?

This seem to cause Matab to random crash to exit without any notice

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Compatible with R2020b and later releases
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