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Updated 8 Oct 2020

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Actually this was developed with OCTAVE 5.2.0 but it should be compatible,
with MATLAB, at worst with some minor adjustments.

I originally made this to get a better understanding of convolution and cross-
correlation operations. Then I figured this could be useful to students, or
engineers who want to go over their basics again.

This package contains:
>> Functions
- convolve (discrete 1D convolution)
- correlate (discrete 1D cross-correlation)
These functions are standalone and do not require any other files.
>> Test routines:
- convolve_test
- correlate_test
Those routines do require some functions, which are located in BasicTools.

As this is kind of a textbook case, I favored readability over performance,
chose variable names compliant with usual mathematical conventions, and I added
some comments and explanations when I thought it was needed. I believe it to
be much clearer than similar content I found on Mathworks File Exchange.

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.