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Remez Algorithm

version (53.3 KB) by Sherif Tawfik
Remez algorithm for approximation of functions


Updated 25 Jul 2005

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This package implements Remez algorithm. Remez algorithm seeks the minimax polynomial that approximates a given function in a given interval. The package includes four M-files and one PDF-file. The first M-file is called findzero.m, it computes the root of a given function using the method of chords. The second m file is err.m, it computes the error function for a given function and its approximating polynomial. The third M-file is remez.m, it implements Remez algorithm. The fourth m file is a test script. The PDF-file is a brief description of Remez algorithm.

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Comments and Ratings (11)

Ashish Tiwari

It is not useful for high order design

Yu Ouyang

Dan Zhang

Need to improve the numerical stability. Directly solving the interpolation equation doesn't work even for moderately high order polynomials, (e.g., order = 60).

pouya aghaeepour

dedé pinto


christophe blouet

no comment on how to use the function, why another remez algorithm as one existed in Matlab before and is now replaced by firpm ?

Essam Asa'ad

please detale of remez algorithm

Tiger Rai

I was wrong. I was using old Matlab version.
Please discard my previous comment.

Tiger Rai

findzero function defination does not match between the findzero.m and remez.m.

Sean Goo

me too, 3x!!

Bryan Pratt

just what I needed

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