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version 1.0.2 (23.7 KB) by Eiji Konaka
This function calculates label positions in scatter plot. The position is calculated so as to avoid other data and labels.


Updated 05 Nov 2020

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function [txPos]=calcTextPosInScatterPlot(dtPos)

Input: dtPos (n x 2 matrix with (double) value.)
This matrix shows the data plotted as a scatter plot.

Output: txPos (n x 2 matrix with (double) value.)
This matrix shows the label position associated with dtPos.

This file is an example of usage of calcTextPosInScatterPlot.
1. Prepare dtPos.
2. Call [txPos]=calcTextPosInScatterPlot(dtPos)
3. Place texts on txPos and markers on dtPos. In this example, associated text and data point are connected with dashed lines.

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Eiji Konaka (2021). calcTextPosInScatterPlot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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