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Electrical & Mechanical Modeling in Simulink

version (49.7 KB) by Terry Denery
This includes demonstration files used in the webinar...


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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Included are demonstration files that were used, or referred to in the webinar "Electrical & Mechanical Modeling in Simulink®" designed to introduce attendees to electrical and mechanical modeling in Simulink. The webinar demonstrated the use of the tools SimMechanics™ and SimPowerSystems™ being used together to model and simulate electrically actuated mechanical systems.
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Hi Dr Terry, I have to
1. Build up a whole hybrid Vehicule Network with PSPM and inverter and Control and so on...directly in SIMULINK or SIMSCAPE
2. cosimulate JMAG-RT with SIMULINK or SIMSCAPE by the use of S-function BLOCK, and
Hope that you could share some highlight on these two matter (in particular for cosimulating with S-Function and the right SIMSCAPE Module to use for the overall hybrid Network).

Foo How

Dear Terry, would it be possible to re-upload the webinar titled, "Electrical & Mechanical Modeling in Simulink®" again? or would you possess the link? I am in desperate need to distinguish the differences between electrical and mechanical modelling in simulink. I had encountered several papers which shows this two separate models illustrating a certain machine; thus, the need for me to understand the subtle differences. Hope that you could shed some light on this matter thank you.

Ismail Anageem

hi, could you please to send me any topic shows how can modeling the electrical machines DC & AC

thank you indeed

Ismail Anageem

free download avaliable

Ali Abdel-Hadi

Would you be kind enough to send me the power point presentation.

Thank you,

YC Choo

Hi Terry,
is that possible to send the powerpoint presentation file to me?


yin chin


Could you send a ppt presentation file for me?

shehab ahmed

plz send the power point presentation

Godwin Zhang

There is no PowerPoint file inside

Vishnuvenkatesh Dhage

please send me presentation on powerpoint if possible.

gil reyes

Would be nice if you could send me the pwrpoint presentation to my mail.

Jose Manuel Andrade

po-g kassim


Lisha Duttani

I will be really thankful if you can forward the powerpoint presentation that u have mentioned to my email id.

Bas van Loon

Could you please send me the PowerPoint presentation you named? Thanks a lot!

Kye Kyongtae

Ken Rotter

No power point file found. Can't find instructions on the order to load the simulink models, and some parameters appear not to work. Must I have the simulink accelerator for it to work at all?

Chuan-Shen Chen

Thanks Terry for your contribution. But I fail to find the powerpoint file.

Best regards


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