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Video: GUIDE Advanced Techniques

version (10.9 MB) by Doug Hull
Advanced techniques in GUI building with GUIDE. Techniques include: multi-window GUIs, application.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This is the second in a series of video tutorial made by The MathWorks Applications Engineer, Doug Hull.
This thirty minute flash based video will highlight techniques such as:

Multi-window GUIs,
application data sharing,
use of pre-built file import dialogs, subfunctions,
function handles.

If you do not have the Image Processing Toolbox replace the line



colormap ([0 0 0; 1 1 1])

NOTE: You will have to download the zip file to watch the video.

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Comments and Ratings (96)


I have downloaded the Zip file.

When selecting the 'GuiAdvancedHull.html' in the 'Watch the video here' folder, nothing happens.

Anyone got a solution on how to see the video?

mohsen Kondori

Dhirendra Pratap

where is the video, can someone post the link please

Paul Funk

Paul Funk


Francisco Correia

For people who can't open the video:

Install the k-lite codec pack. I also installed the shockwave flash player, but for me it was the codec pack with the mpc-hc player that did the trick.

Gabriel Perez

great! this good man knows how to work and teach


Thanks alot! :)
nice VIdeo, solved some of my problems saving Data.
I was trying to create a gui without GUIDE and had problems with data transmission between the callbacks. With GUIDE its pretty easy, but without, i couldnt figure out, how it works if u add some informations inside the callbacks, which were not defined before. So setappdata was quite a usefull function.

harizah ibrahim

hello can anyone email me this video? or maybe guide me on how to view this video. i cant watch/download the video. ive been trying to watch/donwload it since yesterday :(


leonardo erazo

i can't whatch the video..... how have i do? in my computer to whatch in the video i'm very interest to learn matlab guide

Dương Hùng

This video is .swf format. Open it with your google chorme, firefox, IE...


I spent 10 minutes trying to make this video work. No luck.

What is the use of the video if half of the customers were not able to watch it... See the comments below.

MathWorks seems to be very much detached from Matlab users community.

liang wang

Rakesh Reddy

Great Video



How do you watch this video?


It is a great video, and thank you! I learned a lot.

Unable to open the video. Couldn't locate the link for zip file to be downloaded.


Video fails to load even after following directions


How can I watch this video??


I am trying to share data between two uitables; in the opening function how can i get the current table



TO WATCH: Guide Video 2 -> WatchTheVideoInHere -> click GuiAdvancedHull.html and it will play


why i cant download the video?



David Dapuero

Very good video.
Very good explanation.
Thanks a lot

Peter Zhang

Thx a lot Hull. This video is very helpful. And I like your tone. Very relaxed and fun.


Really nice tutorial! This helped me understanding how the setting/getting of data works in different workspaces.
Thank you a lot!

Eirik Ødegård

Thanks Asger

Asger Krüger

Hi Erik
The videos have moved to a new location:

Eirik Ødegård

Hi, how can i see the videos?
they won't show


Great video!

It was really helpful!

Fahad Ali

This video has become my aspiration in GUI development.


Anderson Chagas

excellent video.
I'm working in a program where I use various GUI's to change parameters, but no pictures. My doubt is if your method would work just as well.

Aruni Fonseka

Hi i was tried to download the videos given.. but i cant download it from the blog. i also needed to pass a text field entered value from one gui to another through button click. plz help me.

Bijit Banik

excellent !

J Fields

fremond khoo

hello author..while i was following your instruction in the video, i faced some problems. the command window show this when i try to load the photo

??? Error using ==> imread at 372
File "dwh019.jpg" does not exist.

Error in ==> main>pushbutton1_Callback at 84
Error in ==> gui_mainfcn at 96

Error in ==> main at 42
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

can u tell me whats wrong?


Helps me alot !!


can anybody tell how pass data from a gui to another function as string

Michael Jordan


nevermind, tested- works.


will this work if compiled? setapp(0,.. i.e saving to workspace is not compatible with compiler right?

oznur Mete


thanks, it's really helpful

Thorarin Bjarnason

nicely done. The video really helps.

Michael Wang

It helps me a lot! keep coming out!

edi pano

bibi ntaniho

keep on

Sven Probst

The handles structure is totally ignored - using findobj() is not efficient and error- prone.
Using s(g)etappdata(0,...) is very dangerous, e.g. when using two instances of a gui.
Therefore this video is a bad guide.

cetin akinci

parthiban palaniappan

asd ada


Satyendra Kumar

This is good for beginners.

Jan Goericke

Great video tutorial! Keep them coming! Thank you!

Judy King

Judy King

X. King


Adam P

very interesting, and clearly

IsServer isServer2

thank you very match
how can i change a property of an object programmaticaly ??thank's again

Wojtek Grabski

julio ybedaca

I wish more information about this, because i need update data in different gui's. Sorry for my bad explication but i am not very well speak english, more or less, i read. I am from Venezuela

Tazkera Sadeq

If there is data from many edit boxes, how do we use the data in a generalized loop?

Richard Deepak

This is a good piece of work. gives lot of information on sharing the data within & between GUI's. worth downloading it.

Zhijun Wang

Excellent work


I may have missed this info in the GUIDE manuals. I have read them a lot before, even the latest ones but have not encountered this type of info there.

If the techniques mentioned in the tutorial are not really in the manuals (e.g. setappdata, etc.), then it might be better to include them in future additions. Otherwise, lots of people will miss these wonderful GUI programming styles.

truc le

Jörg Thomasberger

For anderstanding the GUI of MATLAB it`s very fine! It helped me a lot.

Thank You!!

yuan liang

really helpful video for the newbies in GUI

Maria Ortiz


Matthew Hayward

Provides a great starting point for learning to create GUI's in MATLAB.

Neeta Nain

I was looking for it

Montse Treviño

It helped me a lot.

Harshal Galgale

boom nabu

just what i was looking for

abbas Kader Abbas


good job, I like it! any more?

Tony Verheggen

I liked the format of the tutorial, the video presents the screenshots in action, the code is keyed in 'live', so you get the feel for how GUI's are actively developed.
You can pause the video and work through the steps as you follow along.

Joe Postma

Good job Doug. The multi-window GUI walk-through is excellent.

Jason Williscroft

Very nicely done, and super useful info. Thanks!!!

erinc topdemir

wonderful videos, i learn a lot from you, i saved hours by watching this
thank you ver much

Laszlo Tothfalusi

This is what I really needed. I whish it was published earlier, it should have saved me a lot of time and frustration.

Aspen Ba

I love you man!Perfect work and very useful introduction.It save so many times....If I have some question about the Matlab,should I send the E-mail to ask?

David Khatami

Excellent Videos! Just what I was looking for. Seeing someone go through it step by step, helped me a lot and save me a lot of time. I hope there are more videos to come! Again, great job!!!

Haw-Jye Shyu

Excellent instruction. It shows how to create multiple GUI windows that work together.

Jake Bromage

I highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about GUIDE and GUIs in general. This was really helpful! I enjoyed your first movie, but was hoping for something more advanced. Your latest was at just the right level for me. Many thanks, and keep 'em coming!

Hong Fu

Great! Very useful! Exactly what I want to know! Many thanks!
BTW, I didn't know that Matlab can send an email! Amazing!

Michal Wydra

Excellent video. Clear and easy way to show, how to make a GUI. Good work !

Doug Hull

Yes, only about half of those mistakes were staged. The rest were real!

Ali Mokdad

I love the way how he makes some mistakes and then shows how to fix them...

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