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LSTM Time Series Prediction with Bayesian optimization

version 1.0.4 (16.6 KB) by Abolfazl Nejatian
Time-series Prediction by use of Auto-Parameters Tuned LSTM.


Updated 28 Feb 2021

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Hope you are doing well,

In machine learning, hyperparameter optimization or tuning is the problem of choosing a set of optimal hyperparameters for a learning algorithm.
in this work a bayesian optimization algorithm used for tuning the parameters of an LSTM in order to use for time series prediction.

Covid 19 forecast, part one.

If you have questions or would like to improve the code, don't hesitate
to mail me:

best wishes,
Abolfazl Nejatian

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Abolfazl Nejatian (2021). LSTM Time Series Prediction with Bayesian optimization (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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asdas asfas

Magic squares of order 2 do not exist, at least under our terrestrial rules of arithmetic.

Is it possible that under some arithmetic system, this array has magic properties? If so, then we certainly have evidence that intelligent life once existed on Mars or wherever this fragment originated.

khalil ben

I have problem after I run it 

Error: File: /Users/Downloads/LSTM_BayesianHyperparameterTuning/TimeSeriesPredictionLSTMBayesianHyperparameterTuning.m Line:
Assignment to ObjFcn not supported. Variable has the same name as a local function.

How to solve this problem? 


sayo tido

jamesFoxMM James

good job man.

Xiaopei Ju

Here is a question: How to achieve multivariate forecast optimization?


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