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Image Restoration

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Restore images degraded due to degradation factors such as motion blur and noise.



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To restore extremely blurred or degraded image. Images blurred due to many factors like relative motion between camera and a moving car (eg. Image of a speeding car).

Inverse filter, Wiener filter & Lucy-Richardson filters are used to restore images.

Optical flow analysis i.e. estimation of blurring parameters such as length of blur and angle of blur is also a part of it. Help files are included to assist you.

If anyone finds this file useful, then please leave comments. Its very encouraging.

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Fatima Farooq

please ...mail me:

does any one help me?I can not run the codes about inverse and wienne filtering in my pc , ı get 'not enough ınput arguments' error, how can ı solve it?please help me ıt is about my final project, ı need to solve them,I am waiting for your help..

these codes are not running in my pc, Can you help me ? wham ı am gotta do for running this in my pc?

when i run the program I am facing an error.
Attempt to reference field of non-structure array.

Error in GUIRestore>FileOpen_Callback (line 201)
set(handles.lblstatus, 'Foregroundcolor', 'Red');

Error in gui_mainfcn (line 95)

Error in GUIRestore (line 42)
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

Error while evaluating uimenu Callback

please share me updated program if possible
my email id is

nagasirisha B

please can anybody send the kalman code for image restoration.
my mail id is

ravi babu

please send me the paper to my mail

can you send me this file. I can not see it or download it. PLEASE, i really need it


Hoda (view profile)

Hi I wanted to know if your program also restores Analyze images?





Excellent learning platform..

Diem Tran

This file very useful

Zhu Jing

please mail me
what research paper use in this project please reply me sir


jilin (view profile)

thanks,it's very helpful to me.

Could you please send me the documentation of this project. This is great work and helped me a lot in completing my final year project. It would be of great help if the documentation was provided.

bassel mar

a very good work thanks a lot..

I need an example code for image restoration using Extended Kalman or kalman filters to help me with my PhD research.My e-mail:


navya (view profile)


abha (view profile)


Jesse (view profile)

very good work ,I'm trying to assemble some algorithms for a traffic surveilance app to present on my thesis.Very smooth approach

Patricia Lara

biruk agidie

As the same as the commenter i also need please please the the documentation part of your work for reference it is urgent by

dana Wang

Thank you very much.


Jin (view profile)

you're a good man,thanks for sharing



Yael (view profile)

Eres un amor <3

Chang chang



AMUDHA (view profile)


jack (view profile)

thanks a lot
i possible to send me the thesis or the paper you do it to reference your work in my project i do compare between different methods and one of them your methods
so please send to my e-mail:

zhan mejon

thanks,it's wonderful

astra kumar

hi prateek.
This is ramesh.

Could u please send the documentation for Image degradation and restoration.
I require it for mini project.

PLEASE PLEASE help me sir.
only few days left for submission of mini project.


Thank u so much.

Raymond Cheng

Thanks for your sharing.

Please you tell me "How to run Code"
I need it for my mini project
Thank you so much

snist reddy

this is srikanth..
i need the documentation for this project...( image restoration and degradation)
i need it for my mini project..
i have no idea of how to go along with the documentation..
please help me sir..,
kindly mail it to,...

Liu Jinhua

Thanks a lot! You are very helpful!

thanks a lot!
this is benifit for my paper.

Hu Yu

Hu Yu (view profile)

very useful tool for researchers of this field

rahul chaudhari


dont u think ur wiener filter has gone a little awry here?

u use: debl = ((modOTF./(modOTF+SNR))./(OTF)).*fbl;

but shouldnt u use (OTFconjugate./(modOTF + 1/SNR)).*fbl ???

please correct me if I am wrong. i think you should have a 1/SNR in the denominator instead of just SNR

shuai susan

It's amazing!thank you?


very good and easy to use

filily lee

man, i love you~

aidy green

thank you very much!!you are very helpful~~

chandrakala c

Hi we r doing project on image segmentation. we have segmented the image based on kmeans,generalised gaussian distribution n em algorithm.we should evaluate performance parameters for that we need reconstruction of the image could u suggest a method for this?

phani kumar

Can u tell me how to run the code?

subrajeet mohapatra

Hey prattek thats great but tell me how can i know if i have an image how can i know which type of noise has affected an image. because i think before using any denoising scheme we should know which noise has corrupted the image so that we can model the noise and apply denoising algorithm. please reply and u can contact me at

Mithila T

Hi Prateek,
gr88 job. I need the algorithm for it.Can you please mail me all those algorithm ?please i need it to study. I would be really very gr8ful to you. Thanks in advance :)

edwi ws

it's good program. can you create source code image restoration using hopfield network?

kalin ananiev


Sing Sing

How to use this program?

Anton Gorlin

It's very nice and helpful!
BUT!! there's some problem
when I restore image in compare window by inverse filter, it works good and when I do the same thing with the same parameters in Resore dialog it doesn't work at all. what's the problem may be?

Surya Murthy

Hi, this is Murthy.I need an image restoration algorithm based on tychonoff regularization and topological gradient.If anybody can help me, send me a mail to my id .

harsha nikhil

was very helpful !

Karthik T

Hi Prateek y no reply ? for my mail ? Looking forward for ur reply

Mr.Karthik T Raja

Hi Authors, Good work!, I am looking algorithm for color image restoration. My new method will based on filtering for restore the blurred image based on its different blurr length. Can u help me ?

Karthik T

Mary C

gr8 work! throughly explained with proper help and works gr8 with many many additional features ..thanks a lot this project rocks!

please provide me the literature for this project like the papers, algorithms especially the estimation part and all i would be highly highly grateful to you

deedee dida

It's mean the world to me...!!!

I Promise to develop this software..

Biju VG V G

i am doing my m.Tech project in image processing.This file helped me a lot for developing my project.Kindly sent me the algorithm used for angle and len esimation, then it will be very helpful to me to understand it correctly.

Peng W

This file is very good ,thanks a lot!

adi nugroho

bagus pisann euyy..
thanks yee...
bs bwt tugas citra gw..

Grand Boy


Chee Yu Kong

very very good

wang bo

I can not completely download this file!Please check it.

Xenya Petrova


The help files needed to be updated. The images were not loading when help files are viewed online.

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