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Meet points points and slopes of curves.

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Updated 01 Jun 2007

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Computes the intesection points of curves and the slopes at the meet points.

[X,Y,M0,M1] = MEETPOINT(X0,Y0,X1,Y1)

X,Y Meet points
M1,M2 Slopes

Can deal with coincident segments, vertical segments, ...
Works at least in Matlab versions since 5.3 utill current, R14.
Does not use Matlab INTERP1 or any other Matlab interpolation function.

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M MA (2020). meetpoint (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (7)

BHY Nesrine

BHY Nesrine

It is exactly the function that i was looking for.
Thank you


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking for the intersection of dynamic waves and base line. SO far, I could manage to get few of the intersection points using ratio (Y data of dynamic wave/ Y data of base line) for whole of samples. Pls advise me how should I continue since I was stuck in here so long.

I used your function but mine is dynamic wave form and base straing line so the X -axis is not constant line. So the array is only (1900x1) for wave form and base line. The Y values of wave form is changing but the base line is seems like constant. Let say, there is 64 intersection points visuality but what i can get is only 47 but some are not accutare positions.

Thanks and best regards

Sam Madhani

It did the job it promises.

Guillaume Galibert

Hey! Thanks for working on vertical lines, i have some real data sets that contains vertical lines... Would be great if you could implement self intersections.


this is a very useful tool , thanks for your share.ı created cube vertices and faces and patched this .After that I made up a line crossing this cube in two points. And used this tool.Meetpoint showed three same points and missed the point crossed the cube behind. Why is that ?

John D'Errico

It does what it says it does. Its documented quite well. Its not terribly fast for large data sets. Error checks are implemented. I wanted to rate it about a 4.5.

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Created with R12
Compatible with any release
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