The function inp.m serves for keyboard input supported by default value
Updated 12 Jan 2009

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The function implements keyboard input supported by a default value. A user may either accept the default value or enter a new one. Controlled input of data from the keyboard is advantageous for debugging, making protocols via function diary, parametric studies when changing parameters depending on a result of the current iteration, branching run of a program under user wishes, etc, all without debugging.

Forms of a call:
inp % display help
data = inp; % similar to input('input')
data = inp(prompt); % similar to input(prompt)
data = inp(prompt,deflt);
data = inp(prompt,deflt,form);
data = inp(prompt,deflt,form,nsp);
% prompt = string of characters
% input with a default value of input data
% form = format of the screen output; default '%9.4f'; format is persistent until new value is given
% nsp = number of leading spaces before prompt on screen; nsp = 10 is persistent until a new value is given
% data = either deflt value if accepted by ENTER, or a new input value

p = inp('pressure [MPa]',7.5); % if no new value is given, p=7.5
if strcmp(inp('Continue','yes'),'yes') % for user's on-line decission
% True branch
% False branch
A = eval(inp('A','[B,x]')); % A = [B,x] if no new input
cx = inp('cxconst',1+i*pi); % gives cx = 1+3.14159i, if accepted

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Miroslav Balda (2024). inp.m (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2006b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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