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3D Shepp-Logan phantom

version (3.86 KB) by Matthias Schabel
3D extension of phantom.m


Updated 20 Sep 2006

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A 3D extension of MATLAB's phantom function - generates a phantom consisting of an arbitrary number of ellipsoids in 3D.

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elham (view profile)

Haobo Bai

It's very useful! Thank you VERY MUCH!

maryam nasr

when i run this script give me zeros how can i get result plot of this phantom

Patrick Bolan

Works great! See also my modification, #50974


liu (view profile)

thank you very much! It is very good to use!

Nick Tsui



Amber (view profile)

Can someone explain me how do I work with these functions? It should not have a GUI file?


Ashish (view profile)

Deshan Yang

Chu Catherine

good! easy to use!

Fine KEN


boucenna sara


André Fischer

jackki lucky

this is corresponding to my project on Image Pressing Subject.
so I would like to see some sample of this

Dmitry Potapov


Correct an error on line 111 in which z-axis was not correctly rotated. Thanks to Tad Nagano for pointing this out.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R14SP3
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: 3D Shepp-Logan Phantom, tomobox

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