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movingstd & movingstd2

version (3.54 KB) by John D'Errico
A (fast) windowed std on a time series (or array)


Updated 08 Apr 2016

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Occasionally I see a request for computation of a running, windowed standard deviation. This is easily accomplished using filter and the alternative formula for the standard deviation:
std = sqrt((sum(x.^2) - n*xbar.^2)/(n-1)).
movingstd allows you to specify forward, backward or central windows of any desired length. It patches the ends, shortening the window as necessary.
movingstd2 is now included, allowing a moving window standard deviation on 2-dimensional arrays. (I suppose I could easily enough implement movingstdn if that becomes of interest.)

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John D'Errico (2021). movingstd & movingstd2 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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