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Plot uniform wing surface using airfoil points

version 1.0.1 (2.56 KB) by Ahmed Mahfouz
Produce a 3D surface plot of a uniform wing using the X and Y data of an airfoil.


Updated 20 Jun 2021

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airfoil2wing(X2D, Y2D, WingSpan, MeshSize) returns a 3D surface plot of
the wing described by X2D and Y2D airfoil.
- X2D: column/row vector containing the X-xoordinates of the
- Y2D: column/row vector containing the Y-xoordinates of the
- WingSpan: a scalar describing the desired span of the wing.
- MeshSize: an integer number describing the number of mesh
elements along the length of the wing
- varargin (Optional): options for the surf function
- X3D, Y3D, Z3D: 2D matrices containing the x, y, and z coordinates
of the surface of the wing

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Ahmed Mahfouz (2021). Plot uniform wing surface using airfoil points (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2021a
Compatible with any release
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