MEX interface for KSOPT - Kreisselmeier-Steinhauser Optimizer


Updated 3 Aug 2021

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This repository contains a Matlab MEX interface for the nonlinear constrained multiobjective optimization algorithm KSOPT by Gregory A. Wrenn.

The repository is based on the KSOPT code from madebr/pyOpt converted from Fortran to C with f2c.

Compiling the interface

The MEX file can be created by invoking


and copies the created MEX file ksopt_optimize.mex* to the root directory.

MEX interface

The interface of ksopt_optimize is similar to fmincon or fminimax from the Optimization Toolbox. The input arguments are:

  • fun: objective function to minimize
  • x_0: initial value or matrix of initial values or StartPointSet of initial values to start optimization from
  • A: matrix of linear inequlity constraints
  • b: upper limits for linear inequality constraints
  • Aeq: matrix for linear equality constraints
  • beq: upper limits for linear equality constraints
  • lb: fixed lower bounds on x
  • ub: fixed upper bounds on x
  • nonlcon: nonlinear inequality and equality constraints
  • options: settings for optimization
  • varargin: additional arguments for objective function

A description of the input arguments can be found in the Matlab documentation of e.g. fminimax. The argument options is a structure with the following fields

options = struct(...
  'MaxIterations',                1000,...
  'MaxFunctionEvaluations',       1000,...
  'MaxTime',                      60,...
  'ObjectiveLimit',               -1E20,...
  'FiniteDifferenceStepSize',     1E-6,...
  'FiniteDifferenceStepSizeMin',  1E-6,...
  'OptimalityTolerance',          1E-6,...
  'OptimalityToleranceAbs',       1E-6,...
  'RhoIncrement',                 0.01,...
  'RhoMin',                       0.001,...
  'RhoMax',                       0.1,...
  'Display',                      'iter-detailed',...
  'Scale',                        1,...
  'ScaleVector',                  ones(size(x_0)),...
  'SpecifyObjectiveGradient',     true,...
  'SpecifyConstraintGradient',    true...

or can be of type optimoptions or optimset.

The function returns:

  • x: optimal value
  • fval: function value at optimal value
  • exitflag: optimization result indicator
  • output: structure with information about optimization


a1 = [1, 1];
b1 = [-1, 1];
c1 = [0, -1];
a0 = 2;
b0 = -3;
c0 = 4;
fun = @(x) [a1*x + a0; b1*x + b0; c1*x + c0];
x_0 = [0; 0];
A = [];
b = [];
Aeq = [];
beq = [];
lb = [];
ub = [];
nonlcon = [];
[x, fval, exitflag, output] = ksopt_optimize(fun, x_0, A, b, Aeq, beq, lb, ub, nonlcon)

Cite As

Patrick Vogt (2023). KSOPT_mex (https://github.com/pvogt09/KSOPT_mex/releases/tag/v1.0.0), GitHub. Retrieved .

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Compatible with R2015b and later releases
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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.
To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.