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Laplacian Pyramid Toolbox

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Matlab toolbox that implements the Laplacian pyramid (LP) decomposition and a new pseudo-inverse rec



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This toolbox contains Matlab files that implement the Laplacian pyramid (LP) decomposition [1] and the new reconstruction method in [2].

The main functions are LPD and LPR for LP decomposition and reconstruction, respectively. The script LPDEMO provides an example on how to use the main functions in the toolbox.

+ Can handle signals of any dimension
+ Contain several popular pyramid filters such as '9/7', '5/3' and the original 'Burt' filters
+ Have border handling

- Only work with signal size of power of 2

[1] P. J. Burt and E. H. Adelson, ?The Laplacian pyramid as a compact image code,? IEEE Trans. Commun., vol. 31, no. 4, pp. 532?540, April

[2] M. N. Do and M. Vetterli, "Framming pyramids", IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, vol. 51, pp. 2329-2342, Sep. 2003.

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Kit Poon



nazia (view profile)

Royi Avital

I tried it on an image with the size 401 x 401 and it doesn't work.
It falls after the Upsampling function which yields 402 x 402 image (Hence the subtraction won't work).

tp sirisha

can you make suggestions as early as possible sir.....

thank you..

The toolbox is very useful and works very well.
However, I encountered an error when I tried to use filters other than the included '9/7', '5/3' and the original 'Burt' filters.
[h,g] = pfilters('sym8')
or any other filter supported by wfilters leads to an error in the file 'filtdn.m' in line 42 where the command
I{dim} = [ly-e1+1:n , 1:n , 1:e2];
cannot work since 'ly' is not defined anywhere


max maxc

It helps a lot ,thanks.

Nickolaus Mueller

Thanks, Minh. This will come in handy for my next research project.

murugananthan Raju

lxz lxz

your work is interesting

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