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Fast page-wise matrix decomposition

version 1.0.0 (8.4 KB) by wfH
Perform commonly used matrix decomposition (QR, EIG, SVD) for N-D arrays using C-Mex and LAPACK library.


Updated 27 Sep 2021

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When I was working on human motion analysis and inverse kinematics, SVD and EIG had to be called for many many many times.(for estimating rotations)
As the for-loop was quite slow, I tried to use mex-file and LAPACK library to speed up the performance.
There are three functions provided.
MDQR is page-wise QR for N-D arrays.
MDEIG is page-wise EIG for N-D arrays.
MDSVD is page-wise SVD for N-D arrays.
Before using these functions, you must compile the mex-file (directly call the function without any input argument to compile).
I don't know much about c-language, so the source code is ugly.
I would appreciate if you could kindly leave your comments.
Please be nice haha.

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wfH (2021). Fast page-wise matrix decomposition (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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