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Matlab Implementation of the April Tag Algorithm

Ultimate Simulink UAV Tutorial

This Simulink model demonstrates how to perform a Sobel filter on an input image. The convolution kernel can easily be converted to HDL.

Contains C Mex files that are targeted to the Raspberry PI 3 for the purposes of flying a drone.

Real Time Stereo Rectification and Undistortion Model

Provides the capability to communicate video between a Xilinx SoC and MATLAB via TCP Sockets

This project allows one to connect to the popular Unity graphics engine with either Matlab or Simulink.

This model performs a basic red, green, blue [RGB] filter on an input AXI video stream to filter out the components based on a setup file.

Computes the magnitude and theta of an image and targets an FPGA SoC with the use of HDL Coder.