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Toolbox for 4D-STEM data processing enabling the creation of a single 2D powder diffraction image and its 1D radial average.

Waitbar implementation for parfor loops.

This package provides a waitbar for use in parfor loops without the need to write to files or any other external synchronization.

Waitbar for Parfor

version 1.0.0

by Yun Pu

Waitbar or wait message for parfor or for loop.

This script generates a waitbar or a wait message including (1) the percentage finished; (2) the time used; and (3) the estimated remaining time for parfor or other types of loop. The script uses

Matlab waitbar compatible with parfor.

parwaitbar is a Matlab class that displays a progress bar compatible with for/parfor loops.If parallel.pool.DataQueue is available, parwaitbar uses the queue to update the waitbar asynchronously. If

Graphically monitors the completion of iterations in a parfor loop

Creates a graphical progress indicator to monitor the completion of iterations in a long-running loop. The usage is similar to MATLAB's built in waitbar function, but it works with parfor loops in



by Shaan

Parfor progress bar with percentage update

Graphical Waitbar (progressbar) for parfor Matlab which updates the percentage of work completed. This file is a modified version of parfor_progressbar &lt



by Maher HAMDI

Create a parfor wait bar

Similar to waitbar MATLAB function. The ParForWaitBar can monitor progress in a parallel pool while a computation is carried out

A timed progress bar for concurrent code

A progress bar for concurrent code, amenable to parfor and other loop constructs.It uses the command-line, since it appears that Matlab still misses a gui concurrent version of waitbar.It posts a